Upper Trishuli-1 Hydroelectric Project (UT-lHP)

Plant Capacity

216 MW (72 MW x 3 units)

This project is located in Trishuli River of Rasuwa district with installed capacity of 216 MW with annual energy generation 1556 GWh in average year. The project consists of diversion weir with intake facility to withdraw design discharge of 76m3/s. There is an underground desilting basin with suitable silt exclusion tunnel. Clean water through the desilting basin is conveyed through headrace tunnel of length 9.7 km and 6.5 m diameter .There is provision of surge shaft at the end of headrace tunnel and water is conveyed to drop shaft of 6.5m diameter and length of 292 m which connects to penstock of length 110 m.  The water through the penstock is trifurcated and fed to the Francis turbine of 72 MW rated capacity. The turbine water is again discharged to Trishuli river through tailrace tunnel of 6.5m diameter and 240 m long. There is open switch-yard in front the portal of access tunnel with required facility to transfer voltage to 220kV. The power is evacuated from switchyard with transmission line of 220kV capacity and 10 km length terminating at Trishuli-3B hub, grid connection point allotted by NEA.