Rasuwagadhi Hydroelectric Project

Rasuwagadhi Hydroelectric Project (RGHEP) is a 111 MW Run of River hydroelectric scheme located in Rasuwa District, approximately 150 km north of Kathmandu.

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Budhi Gandaki Hydroelectric Project Development Committee

The Budhi Gandaki Hydroelectric Project is a storage type project with installed capacity of 1200 MW (6 units of each 200 MW) with operating rated head of 200m

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GCE Group is a investment, trading and agency house having it’s interests in energy. We serve various principals and assist them in all the local requirements and advice. Our focus is to be one of the best companies in Nepal in the sectors we serve and add value and competitiveness to our clients and principals.

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Karmadev (Indo – Nepal Boarder) – Phukot (Kalikot) is a 130 km double circuit line project, which also includes two 400 kV GIS substations at Phukot and Betan. This transmission line will be called Karnali Corridor transmission line and will connect to the Cross boarder Connection. This transmission line will evacuate the power produced from the Karnali Corridor Hydropower generators
Jade Consult is working in this project with Power Grid Corporation of India Limited, India and providing assistance in:

  1. Detailed Survey of the Transmission Line
  2. Detail Engineering Design of the Transmission Line and Substation
  3. Environmental and Social Study
  4. Preparation of technical documents
  5. Preparation of bid documents




Transmission Line and Substation

Hydro Mechanical

Solar Power

Electro Mechanical

Bridge and Roads