Budhi Gandaki Hydroelectric Project

Name of the Client

Budhi Gandaki Hydroelectric Project Development Committee


1200 MW

Assignment Name:

Feasibility Study and Detail Design and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

Narrative Description of the Project:

The Budhi Gandaki Hydroelectric Project is a storage type project with installed capacity of 1200 MW (6 units of each 200 MW) with operating rated head of 200m, total storage volume of 4500 million m3 and  annual energy generation of 3383 GWh in average year. Budhi Gandaki Hydropower Project is located on the Budhi Gandaki River, approximately 2km from its confluence with Trishuli River at Benighat along the Prithivi Highway and about 80km from Kathmandu. The Proposed Dam is a double curvature concrete arc dam of 263m high and 760m long with six no. of  intake facility to withdraw design discharge of 672m3/s each intake withdraws 112m3/s.). A short headrace tunnel and penstock pipe linking the intake to the powerhouse.

The surface power house is located on the left bank of Budhi Gandaki River approximately 500m downstream of dam. The power is evacuated from switchyard through 400kV double circuit transmission line to proposed 400kV Hetauda Substation and proposed Naubise substation.


Jade Consult has provided following services:

Inception of Assignment; Field Investigation and Data Collection for Engineering Studies; Field Investigation and Data Collection; Hydraulic, Hydrological and Sedimentological Studies; Power Evacuation Study; Finalization of Design Concept and Engineering Studies; Assessment of Impact of Flow Regulation on Downstream Facilities; Economic and Financial Analysis of the Project; Detailed Design and Tender Drawings; Construction Planning and Scheduling; Detailed Quantity Estimate; Cost Estimate; Preparation of Complete Tender Documents

Field study includes topographical survey, bathymetric survey, survey control networking, transmission line survey as well as LIDAR survey (115km2), geo-technical investigations such as diamond core drilling (about 1800m), dilatometer tests, Plate Jacking Test (6 set of tests in 6 niches), various lab tests including investigation adit (900m), geophysical investigation (ERT 3100m and SRT 7100m),  construction material survey, hydrological, meteorological, Sedimentological Investigation & Hydraulic Model Studies. The complete 25 sets of Feasibility Study, Detail Design Study and Tender Documents has already been submitted to Budhi Gandaki Hydroelectric Development Committee (BGHPDC).

Jade Consult has also completed ESIA study according to which it provided service such as preparation of scoping documents and Terms of reference, baseline study of existing environment, forecasting impact on the environment, identification of mitigation measures, preparation research paper writing service of environmental management action plan, public hearing with stakeholder, Preparation of Land Acquisition & Resettlement Action Plan (LARRAP), Preparation of Public Consultation Disclosure Plan (PCDP) and

Indigenous People/Vulnerable Community Development Plans (IPVCDP) as per the Environment Protection Act, 2053 and Environment Protection Rule, 2054 to the satisfaction of the line Ministry and Ministry of Environment. The final report after incorporating comments has already been submitted to to Budhi Gandaki Hydroelectric Development Committee (BGHPDC) and is in the process of approval.