Rawa Khola Hydropower Project


6.5 MW

Name of the Client:

Dudhkoshi Power Company Pvt. Ltd.

Assignment Name:

Detail Engineering Design and Tender Document Preparation

The project is located in Khotang district, is a run-of-river type project. It has been designed to generate 6.5 MW power using water from Rawa Khola. The average annual energy generation capacity of the project is 38.32 GWh. The project consist of diversion weir with intake facility to with draw design discharge of 9.56m3/s. Then the flow will be conveyed by a 2392m long 2.4m dia. headrace steel pipe to Forebay tank after the desilting facilities. A 274m long  2.2m dia. steel penstock pipe conveys the design flow to 2 x 3.4 MW units of horizontal axis Francis turbines installed in the powerhouse located on the left bank of Rawa Khola. The water from turbine is again discharged to Rawa Khola through 2.1×2.1m size rectangular tailrace channel of 104m length. An outdoor switchyard with approximate area 15m x 30m has been designed on left bank of Rawa Khola at the right side of the powerhouse. The generated power will be evacuated through 12km 33kV transmission line to Buipa Sub-station allotted by NEA.
Brief description of Actual Services provided by your Jade Consult

Jade consult completed the detailed engineering design and tender document preparation of Rawa Khola Hydropower Project (6.5 MW).