Upper Marsyangdi – 2 HEP

Name of the Client:

Himtal Hydropower Company P. Ltd


125 MW

Assignment Name:

Feasibility Study


The project is located in Marsyangdi river of Manang and Lamjung District with installed capacity of 125 MW and annual energy generation 892 GWh in average year. The project consist of diversion weir with intake facility to with draw design discharge of 48.7m3/s. There is a surface desilting basin with suitable silt exclusion culvert. Clean water through the desilting basin is conveyed through headrace tunnel of length 3.9km and 4.9m diameter. There is provision of surge shaft at the end of headrace tunnel and water is conveyed to drop shaft of 3m diameter and length of 302.8m which connects to penstock of length 191m. The water through the penstock is trifurcated and fed to the Francis turbine of 41.7 MW rated capacity. The turbine water is again discharged to Marsyangdi River through tailrace tunnel of 4.4m diameter and 165m long. There is open switchyard in front the portal of access tunnel with required facility to transfer voltage to 220kV. The power is planned to be evacuated from switchyard with transmission line of 220kV capacity and 177km length terminating at Butwal hub of NEA.

Brief description of Actual Services provided by Jade Consult:

Jade consult provided service such as geotechnical investigation, hydrological investigation, topographical survey, bathymetric survey, sediment analysis, project layout, project optimization study, construction material survey, rate analysis, access road study etc. as required completing the feasibility study of the hydropower project according to guidelines of DoED. The report has been submitted to the DoED. The scoping document and TOR for EIA was also prepared in compliance with Environmental Protection Act 2053 and Environment Protection Regulation 2054.