Upper Trishuli – 1 HEP


216 MW

Name of the Client:

Nepal Water and Energy Development Company Pvt. Ltd.

Assignment Name:

Feasibility Study, EIA study, IEE Study of 220 kV Transmission Line and Owner’s Engineer Services during Project Preparation and Design up to Financial Close Phase, Detail Design and Study of 220kV Transmission Line and Detail Design of Access Road.


The project is located in Trishuli River of Rasuwa district with installed capacity of 216 MW with annual energy generation 1556 GWh in average year. The project consists of diversion weir with intake facility to withdraw design discharge of 76m3/s. There is an underground desilting basin with suitable silt exclusion tunnel. Clean water through the desilting basin is conveyed through headrace tunnel of length 9.7km and 6.5m diameter .There is provision of surge shaft at the end of headrace tunnel and water is conveyed to drop shaft of 6.5m diameter and length of 292m which connects to penstock of length 110m.  The water through the penstock is trifurcated and fed to the Francis turbine of 72 MW rated capacity. The turbine water is again discharged to Trishuli river through tailrace tunnel of 6.5m diameter and 240m long. There is open switchyard in front the portal of access tunnel with required facility to transfer voltage to 220kV. The power is evacuated from switchyard with transmission line of 220kV capacity and 10km length terminating at Trishuli-3B hub, grid connection point allotted by NEA.

Brief description of Actual Services provided by Jade Consult:

Jade consult completed feasibility study according to which it provided service such as geotechnical investigation, hydrological investigation, topographical survey, bathymetric survey, sediment analysis, project layout, project optimization study, construction material survey, rate analysis, access road study etc. that is required to complete the feasibility study of the hydropower project according to guidelines of DoED. The report has been submitted to DoED.

Jade Consult also completed EIA study according to which it provided services such as preparation of scoping documents and Terms of reference, baseline study of existing environment, forecasting impact on the environment, identification of mitigation measures, preparation of environmental management action plan, public hearing with stakeholder as per the Environment Protection Act, 2053 and Environment Protection Rule, 2054 to the satisfaction of the line Ministry and Ministry of Environment. The report is already approved by Ministry and copy has been provided to DoED and MoEn.

Jade consult completed IEE study according to which it provided services such as preparation of Terms of reference, Consultation with local stakeholders. Collection of useful social information, suggestions and recommendations from local stakeholders, publication of public notice at the relevant public places, IEE report preparation and IEE study approval.

Also  services provided covers (i) Preparation and Design up to Financial Close Phase, (ii) the Construction phase and (iii) the Operational Phase and will include but not limited to:

  1. Technical Appraisal (review of work done to date, site review).
  2. Hydrological and sediment studies: Review the results of hydro-logical study and sediment study of the Project site to access its adequacy and reliability.
  3. Plant Design: Review technical design criteria, standards applied and their appropriateness, design drawings and technical specifications.
  4. Technology: Review and discuss the commercial operating history of each major component and the reliability of major equipment such as turbines and transmission equipment.
  5. Review of EPC Contract.
  6. Recommendation Amount of Contingent Support.
  7. Power Purchase Agreement.
  8. Interconnection with NEA System.

Then conducted Desk Study, Conduct Reconnaissance Survey, Identify pre-existing control points (National as well as local points), Traverse survey for carrying the known coordinates to the required area and establish Benchmark points, Conduct detailed route alignment survey, Prepare the plan and profile of the TL route alignment at appropriate scale, Locate angle tower positions, Fix concrete pillars at every angle points and permanent control points, Design of transmission line which includes the conductor optimization, sag calculation, tower type determination, standards & specifications and others, Design of grid connection arrangement for UT-I HEP at Trishuli 3B Hub.

Also the review of basic design which includes alignment study, standards & specifications, Conduct engineering design of the permanent road and other facilities, Carry out hydrological studies & cross drainage works, Preparation of engineering drawings and report including necessary calculation & specifications, Preparation of quantity estimation, Recommendations for construction materials & disposal site.